Working With Words And The People Who Write Them

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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 ITV | Carlton | Granada | Celador
TV, Web
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Worked full-time with Celador, Carlton, ITV and Granada, to launch the British website of the world’s best-known gameshow at a time when it was labelled as “An Exocet Missile in the ratings war.”

Key duties were to oversee design and integration, control content migration and editorial strategy, launch and moderate forums, and prepare a pay-per-play successor.

The interactive game – allowing online players to face questions used in the show – was the site’s main attraction, and everything focused on converting visitors into players.

• Winner, New Media Age Effectiveness Award
• Europe’s biggest online game in launch year, with 30m plays

• 23m impressions during first week
• 1.5m players registered in first year
• Chanelled traffic and strengthened ad revenue to
• Raced to profitability
• Pay-per-play game launched within six months