Working With Words And The People Who Write Them


Project Description:

 XL Indonesia | MTN Cameroon | MTN Ghana | MTN Nigeria
Mobile, TV

Premium SMS competitions, lasting on average 90 days, based around a simple question/answer mechanic.

SuperContests have taken place in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Indonesia, for which I devised and drafted all content.

Each communication had to explain the game mechanic, relate a narrative, contain a call-to-action, update a score or incentivise further play, using a maximum of 160 characters. Tone and emphasis could shift daily, based on real-time user responses. Segmentation enabled targeted messaging, boosting participation among pre-selected groups.

Brevity, clarity and versatility were crucial, with success dependent on reaching the right player with the right message at the right time. More than one million people subscribed to the first SuperContest, with subsequent successes generating tens of millions of responses, making it the most successful commercial venture in the client’s history.

On later projects, I had partial responsibility for ATL, and once sweated cobs in Jakarta to shoot an ad that’s camper than Alan Carr’s hairdresser…